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Date: 09/16/2018  -  10:47 pm
Subject: Does Your Sign Language Hurt or Help Communication in Your Marriage?- DVC.TV- September 16-22
Group: DVC Weekly Specials
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Improving Your Marriage through Effective Communication-
Lesson 2

Lesson two shows how to communicate without hurting your husband or wife.  Gives examples of things we sign that can either hurt or help improve communication.

Improving Your Marriage through Effective Communication-
Lesson 1

Is your marriage everything you imagined before you were married?  Do you sometimes have trouble communicating with your wife or husband?   In lesson one, Todd and Sarah learn why effective communication is so important.  Watch as Todd and Sarah dream about what married life would be and what disappointments they are facing now after a few years of marriage.

Titus Bible Study- Lesson 8

The entire book of Titus is presented as 9 lessons. This is a verse-by-verse Bible study taught by Bible teacher Rev. Tony Callies with his friend, Albert Jones, Jr..  This is excellent for personal study, group studies and as a pastor's reference guide.


Titus Bible Study- Lesson 7



Visual Bible's "The Book of Acts"

Acts 16:1-40

This is a dramatization of the book of Acts taken word for word from the Bible (New International Version). Travel with Doctor Luke as he tells the story of the first Christian Church, Pentecost, the killing of Stephen and the dramatic conversion and ministry of the Apostle Paul.


Acts 15:1-41

Dr. Wonder's Workshop:

You Are Precious

Children's TV series in ASL


"Lay Down Your Burdens"-
ASL music video

"Lay Down Your Burdens" is a powerful presentation of music, dramatic ASL sign and inspirational graphics that portrays Christ's love and forgiveness of sin.


You Good Person, You?

"Are you a good person? ... Will God let you into His Heaven?"

You can know for sure.

God has made it very clear in the Bible. Yes, you can know for sure if you will go to heaven when you die. What does the Bible say? Aric Randolph answers that question and others with God's law, the ten commandments. A courtroom drama makes clear that salvation is from God through His mercy and His grace.

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