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Date: 01/15/2019  -  12:34 am
Subject: Are You Willing to Tell Other People about Jesus?- DVC.TV- January 14-19
Group: DVC Weekly Specials
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SBCD 2016

"Whatever It Takes"
with Aric Randolph

First, Beth Rozenweig signs three songs: Glorious Day, We Believe and There’s Room at the Cross for You.

Then, watch as Aric Randolph, deaf pastor from Brentwood, Tennessee, asks the question "What Is your Goal/Purpose in life? Are you doing whatever it takes to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the people around you?" Aric signs several exciting and inspiring true stories that show what it means to do whatever it takes to share the Gospel with other people.

This program was recorded live at the 2016 Southern Baptist Conference for the Deaf in Lancaster, PA.

"Love Is the Greatest"
with Mason Fenner

First, Steve Nance signs two songs, "Sent It on Down" and "Holy". Mason Fenner, a deaf pastor from Ohio, reminds us that God loves us, his love in our hearts and love never fails. Mason asks us how do you show God’s love to other people? He gives examples of how you can show what God has done for you. When the preaching is finished, Steve Nance signs "Lord, I Need You".

"Where We Must Go"
with Robbie Godbold

Watch Robbie Godbold's sermon from SBCD 2016 as he challenges us to take every opportunity to share God’s love with the people we meet.



Visual Bible's "The Book of Acts"

Acts 28:1-30

This is a dramatization of the book of Acts taken word for word from the Bible (New International Version). Travel with Doctor Luke as he tells the story of the first Christian Church, Pentecost, the killing of Stephen and the dramatic conversion and ministry of the Apostle Paul.

Acts 27:1-44

Revelation Introduction-
Lesson 3

Dr. Wonder's Workshop:

Be Wise, Not Impulsive

Children's TV series in ASL


"Lay Down Your Burdens"-
ASL music video

"Lay Down Your Burdens" is a powerful presentation of music, dramatic ASL sign and inspirational graphics that portrays Christ's love and forgiveness of sin.


You Good Person, You?

"Are you a good person? ... Will God let you into His Heaven?"

You can know for sure.

God has made it very clear in the Bible. Yes, you can know for sure if you will go to heaven when you die. What does the Bible say? Aric Randolph answers that question and others with God's law, the ten commandments. A courtroom drama makes clear that salvation is from God through His mercy and His grace.

Live-stream on DVC.TV- Christian Television Network

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