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Date: 04/14/2019  -  1:02 am
Subject: Watch Easter dramas during Holy Week at DVC- April 14-20
Group: DVC Weekly Specials
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THIS WEEK at DVC.TV            For the whole family

Easter Specials

This Holy Week watch all seven parts of the Easter story
from Visual Bible’s
"The Gospel of Matthew"







The actor Bruce Marchiano, often referred to as the Smiling Jesus, gives a compelling portrayal of Jesus as presented in Matthew’s Gospel.

We express our appreciation to Bruce Marchiano and for allowing this film to be shown on the DVC.TV network.

ASL signing by Charles Trevino, Professor LSCS Sign Language Department

Post-production preparation for subtitles and ASL signing provided
by DVC Productions

From Fear to Faith

This is an excellent drama produced in 1999 by Woodhaven Baptist Deaf Church in Houston, Texas. Using a cast of over twenty-five deaf actors,
it is a powerful and majestic play that shows the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Written and directed
by Rev. Arthur Craig

and videotaped by Deaf Video Communications.

"Light of the World"- Part 8

"Light of the World" is a series of videos that uses colorful pictures to tell the story of the Bible, from Genesis through the death and resurrection
of Jesus Christ. 

In this final episode of "Light of the World", Jesus faces His crucifixion but then rises from the dead.   Do you trust that He did this for you?  He will be your Savior if you will trust Him
and follow Him.

Interpreted by Charles Trevino.
*not recommended for young children


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