About Us

DVC is an Evangelical ministry to the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing. We are not part of a particular denomination. We are not a church. We are a support organization that works with many different Christian churches throughout North America.

Mission Statement

DVC’s mission statement is to:
  • Evangelize the Deaf through clear Christian teaching
  • Encourage Spiritual growth in the Deaf community
  • Provide resources for pastors and missionaries to the Deaf


DVC’s ministry has three main parts:
Video Production
DVC produces Christian teaching materials, sermons, Bible studies, children’s programs, and more. Some of our videos begin as programs for the hearing, and DVC adds captioning or a sign language interpreter. Most of our videos are produced natively in American Sign Language (ASL) and feature Deaf pastors, missionaries, or lay leaders.
DVC Christian Television Network   www.dvc.tv
The DVC Christian Television Network is a Web-based television station that works with pastors, Bible teachers and Christian leaders in the Deaf Community to broadcast visually relevant expressions of the Word of God in sign language.

At the click of a button Bible studies, dramas and creative TV programs with a life-giving message of God's Word can be clearly seen in sign language continuously 24/7 to anyone worldwide with an Internet connection.


Funding for our ministry comes from individuals and churches who believe in our vision and want to reach the Deaf and Hard of Hearing for Christ. We also receive some support for particular projects from foundation grants.

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