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Date: 12/23/2018  -  12:56 am
Subject: Merry Christmas to you from DVC. Enjoy the dramas- DVC.TV - Dec. 22-29
Group: DVC Weekly Specials
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      THIS WEEK- For the whole family at DVC.TV

Christmas Dramas

Visual Bible's The Gospel of Matthew

Learn about the genealogy of Jesus, the birth of Jesus Christ and the visit of the Magi from the Visual Bible presented in ASL and subtitles.

From Fear to Faith

This is an excellent drama produced by Woodhaven Baptist Deaf Church in Houston, Texas. Using a cast of over twenty-five deaf actors, it is a powerful and majestic play that shows the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Written and directed by Rev. Arthur Craig and videotaped by Deaf Video Communications.

Jesus Christ: The Light of the World

This video uses colorful pictures to tell the story of the birth and baptism of Jesus Christ.  Interpreted by Charles Trevino.

*This video not recommended for children

Portraits of a Savior

Watch Woodhaven Baptist Deaf Church's 2014 Christmas drama presented in both ASL and English.

Christmas Comes to Pleasant Hill,
Parts 1-6

This drama was recorded in 1988 by an all-Deaf drama group.  DVC is offering this presentation in 6 parts.  Be sure to watch each day to see the ongoing story how God changes the heart of a town and its people from bitterness to forgiveness.


This is a modern day Christmas drama based on the famous story A Christmas Carol  by Charles Dickens. Scrooge, a greedy business man who thinks only of money, is visited by three spirits who show him the true meaning of Christmas-in a way that changes Scrooge forever!

Produced by an all Deaf cast of actors from Fresno Deaf Church Voices, editing, and mastering by Deaf Video Communications of America, Inc.

Do You See What I See?

A fully staged and costumed dramatic Christmas presentation including music and fun, presented in American Sign Language and interpreted for the hearing.

"Do You See What I See" is a heart-warming story of a young girl who is given a special gift to "see" the true meaning of Christmas. An inspiring story for all of us, as a reminder of what Christmas is truly about. Includes choirs, children's drama, nativity and wiseman scenes.

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"Lay Down Your Burdens"

This video is a powerful presentation of music, dramatic ASL sign and inspirational graphics that portrays Christ’s love and forgiveness of sin.
You Good Person, You?

"Are you a good person? ... Will God let you into His Heaven?" You can know for sure.

God has made it very clear in the Bible. Yes, you can know for sure if you will go to heaven when you die. What does the Bible say? Aric Randolph answers that question and others with God's law, the ten commandments. A courtroom drama makes clear that salvation is from God through His mercy and His grace.


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